New Website for 2018! + Special Promotion

New Website for 2018! + Special Promotion

2018 is a new year. 2017 was great, but 2018 is going to be MASSIVE! And with a fresh calendar we have some special news for you. We have updated our website system to add many new features to make your experience on our website easier and more enjoyable, as well as streamlining the checkout process.

First and foremost, we have a new feature for you to create your own account exclusive to our website. You can create an account by simply clicking to the navigation button in the top left corner of our website and selecting "Create account" from the menu. Now you can create an account with your personalized password, using your first and last name and your email. You can then go into your email and you will see that there is an empty ORDER HISTORY tab where all your future orders will go. Here you will be able to look at all order details of your past orders and track the package (once it is shipped) to you. We will also have a new streamlined return/exchange system available. You will also see an ACCOUNT DETAILS tab where you can view your accounts address(es). To add your address simply click on the "View Addresses" tab and then ADD A NEW ADDRESS.

We have also updated our free shipping promotion (advertised in the websites top banner) to be added automatically to qualifying orders. All $125+ orders within the USA will automatically have Free Shipping available to them as a shipping option and all $175+ international orders will automatically have Free Shipping available as an option. Since this promotion will be automatically available to qualifying order, it will still be available to use with other sales or discount codes, which I know will be a bonus discount provided to you by us that you like, but it's all about the customers right?

If you scroll down any page on our website you will see our menu bar stays at the top of the webpage, allowing you easy access to these 4 main links anywhere and at anytime on our website. The HOME and SHOP tabs are self-explanatory, but you will also see the tabs MEDIA and NEWS where you can look at all of our photoshoots, lookbooks and collections available for viewing (MEDIA) and also where you can look at any news, blog posts or updates we have available (NEWS), which is where you are seeing this article now. We also have a more comprehensive menu that can be accessed through the navigation button in the top left corner of each page. Here you can go to the home page or shop like our main menu, but you can also go to a specific section of the shop, searching by an individual product type under the SHOP dropdown or by searching an individual collection under the COLLECTIONS dropdown. You will also be able to go directly to our most recent Lookbook and most recent Editorial through links here.

We also have new and advanced SEARCH features implemented on our website. In the top right corner of each page on our website you will see a small magnifying glass and at the bottom of each page on our website you will see a SEARCH button. If you click on either of these you will be taken to a search bar where you can enter any word(s) and it will automatically search our entire website for that/those word(s) on all product listings and all pages viewable to you.

On every product page sitewide you will see a dropdown menu with the title 'Featured' in the top right corner. Here you can change the way that products are arranged on that page based on multiple different options.

We have now switched our entire website system from being a http:// website to a https:// website, allowing every page of the website to be secure and protected by encryption. This makes your entire experience on our website secure and safe from any potential harmful attacks from hackers, viruses, malware etc. In short our new website system protects you, your identity and your personal information from being replicated, imitated or stolen etc. You're welcome!

Finally, we have compiled all of our return/refund/exchange policy, privacy policy and terms of service pages into one page called TERMS. Here you can see all of our guidelines for using and purchasing from our website. We know it is long but please take a look.


To thank you for reading this and getting caught up on our website, please take advantage of this great discount on us:

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Posted: Thursday, January 18 @ 4pm PST

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